I love riding in your clinics!

Dear Jerry,

I love riding in your clinics! I know that when I participate in one of your clinics I will be immersed in “horse” and surrounded by people that are just as enthusiastic and eager to learn as I am. Thank you for caring about us and our horses. Thank you for teaching us safe, effective strategies to communicate with our horses. Thank you for encouraging us to strive for excellence instead of settling for mediocrity. I appreciate the way you encourage us to expect more of ourselves: to accept the challenge, reward the “try” and appreciate and celebrate the growth and improvement instead of worrying about what we still can’t do. Jerry, I always learn so much at your clinics, not only about my horses, but also about myself. As soon as one clinic is over I start looking forward to the next. As I drive away my mind is filled with lesson plans for each horse and once again I am inspired to reach for that next level.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us.

Barbara Harkins
Fort Dick, CA

Jerry would answer any question I asked as if it was the most important thing in the world.

I’ve been to five of Jerry’s clinics and have always come away with a wealth of knowledge and a clearer understanding of how to get my animals to respond better. Even in Bishop, California, as just someone hanging over the fence, Jerry would answer any question I asked as if it was the most important thing in the world. I find my training methods, using Jerry’s way of doing things, makes things go smoother and with much faster results than my old ways of training. I’ve been breaking horses and mules for 40 years but the last 5 years, with a bunch of help from Jerry, have by far surpassed the previous 35 years. With all his knowledge and skill, Jerry always comes across as a regular Joe, no more important than anyone else. This I think is the key to his success. I’ve been to many clinics and always the clinician seems to let you know that he’s a bit better than those he is trying to teach. Jerry is the very first instructor to telephone me after a clinic and ask me what I thought and if I got what I came for. I am heading to Bishop in the spring am looking forward to meeting with him again.
Thanks Jerry for making this all possible.

Tom Barker

Falkland, British Columbia
January 2010

Training under Jerry allows me to experience consistent, safe and reliable rides every single time.

I can honestly say that without Jerry Tindell’s dedication, determination and education I wouldn’t have the dependable and enjoyable horse that I have today. After adopting a BLM mustang (a very cute appaloosa mare, Mustang Sally) I was looking for solid, competent guidance and found it at my first Jerry Tindell clinic. He covered basic groundwork, to include getting the head down, backing up, moving the shoulders over and hindquarter control. Quickly he taught me the mechanics of groundwork and how it is the foundation for establishing a connection with my horse. What we learn on the ground he said, will carry over to what we will do under saddle. Subsequent Tindell clinics took my horse Sally and I through a progression of riding skills, each one building on the previous lesson. It’s been four years now under the knowledgeable guidance of Jerry Tindell and Sally and I have come a long way. Of course my education under Jerry is on-going because there is always more to learn from this amazing man and his gentle and patient way with horses and humans.
Training under Jerry allows me to experience consistent, safe and reliable rides every single time.

Teri Reilly
Clayton, CA

I only wish I had known of Jerry sooner!

I first found out about Jerry when my husband Roy and I [on our honeymoon] witnessed him demonstrating at Bishop Mule Days in California. We were very fascinated by his quick ability to get positive results with problem mules and donkeys brought to him by strangers. Jerry has an outstanding ability to communicate with people and their animals. His demos became the highlight of our visit to Bishop!Personally, I have found Jerry to be the best communicator of all the trainers I have taken clinics under. He often works overtime to help anyone who is struggling or having problems. Safety of both animal and participant is his first concern and he won’t push either beyond what they are capable of. His approach to training and teaching dwells on a lot of common sense, something that we often overlook! His patience is infinite and he has a genuine concern for everyone involved in his clinics, and he has a great sense of humor! Jerry has given Roy and me some great tools in working with our mules.  I only wish I had known of Jerry sooner!  We look forward to his visit to Alberta!

Marlene and Roy Quiring
Ponoka, Alberta, Canada

I was so pleased with the session

I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to participate in a wide variety of learning opportunities with Jerry.  It started with my green ¾ Arab several years ago.  He quickly learned to respond to cues to move over shoulders and hips, back up, move over and stand for mounting.  He was more respectful.  With the experience we both were much more prepared for continued training and improvement. Because I live a couple of hours away, I also watched the class.  This, too, was beneficial.  I learned from watching other horses and Jerry’s patient teaching.  Yes, by the time it was over I wished I’d brought my horse.

Because I had participated in clinics, I attended the Tindell Fall Gathering.  What a treat!  Riding through cattle and obstacles, watching a working border collie, and sharing experiences with other students were all outstanding opportunities. My latest and most needed session was the Colt Starting Clinic.  With a small class of 5 or 6 there was a lot of individual attention.  Sunny, my 2 ½ year old mustang filly, was a perfect age for the class.  She has been responsive to the training.  I thought I knew her pretty well, but she was full of surprises when we attended the 3 day clinic.  The clinics always consider safety first.  With a baby who knows very little except the basics—well, you just don’t know how they will respond when a little pressure is put on them. I was so pleased with the session that I’ve signed up for the next one.  I know that she will improve, and I will be learning even more about her and how to keep her on track for becoming a really nice riding horse.  It doesn’t make any difference what level of training your horse has attained, anyone can benefit from the appropriate clinic at the Tindell Horse and Mule School.

Shirley Sherwood Oroville, CA

Thank you for the incredible experience Salsa and I had

Dear Jerry

Just wanted to thank you for the incredible experience Salsa and I had at your Eagle Hill Clinic held on May 16, 17, 18 and 19, 2013.

We took our first clinic with you last year and have not looked back since. Salsa is becoming a happy horse (most of the time).

Salsa and I still have a long way to go but with your help I am convinced we will get there.

Once more thank you so much for being a caring person and teaching us how to handle our stock may it be horse, mule or donkey.

Thank you so much

Great response from horses and participants in Jerry’s clinic in Olds.

Great response from horses and participants in Jerry’s clinic in Olds. Tons of great changes in 4 leggeds as well as humans! As usual Jerry was great with both, and everyone got to benefit from his incredible skills as a horse mule man, teacher, communicator and demonstrator. He makes learning fun and the skills achievable . Everyone made some good ground with their stock, and had fun in the process. We are looking at bringing him back for two trips to Alberta next year. As soon as we get a response from Immigration about a multi entry work permit, we will let you know. I hope you are enjoying a nice long weekend for Memorial Day. Please pass on the message to Jerry and thank him from all participants and auditors. I hope he had fun at Mule Days.

Julie Leavens
Outpost at Warden Rock Ltd. P.O. Box 461 Banff, Alberta TIL 1A6 T 403.762.2767 F 403.762.2799 W

Thanks again for your help!


Thanks again for your help. I ‘ve attached a photo of Hotrod. He’s a red roan, but I body clipped him and he’s white for a while. He’s a real clean 14 hand jack. A Hawkeye son.
I’ll try to get a clinic for you.


Tindell is a top notched Equine (horses, donkeys, mules and their human owners) trainer and in our opinion, the best!

Tim Barton and I have had been involved personally with horses our entire lives, and professionally as co-owners/operators  of a Horseback Vacation business for the last ten years. Tim is also a retired teacher of Equine Anatomy, Physiology and Function at Alberta’s Olds College. We believe our four-legged friends and mounts, deserve the best from their owners, and so we continually enhance our handling and riding skills through educational opportunities like clinics. Jerry Tindell is a top notched Equine (horses, donkeys, mules and their human owners) trainer and in our opinion, the best!  Quite simply, there isn’t any trainer in Canada, that is as good! Very few trainers have the actual real life, hands on experience working with all equines outside of an arena setting,  and even fewer can share and teach that knowledge to a group of people and their animals (from various backgrounds, ages, abilities and training), in a fun, safe, and motivating environment, challenging the experienced enthusiasts, while not overwhelming the beginners.   It is rare to find a trainer who can instruct a group and give individualized attention as if you were in a private session, all at the same time! He is so generous with his time and knowledge, and makes it his mission to get his students understanding the mind of the horse as it relates to its movement. He sticks with you and your horse, until you both get it,  and that is why he is an outstanding trainer and one of a kind! Our business relies on safe and well-trained horses, and Jerry’s methods have proven invaluable to us.

Julie Leavens
Outpost at Warden Rock Ltd.
P.O. Box 461
Banff, Alberta

I would like to tell folks he is an outstanding teacher/educator and horseman!

As a recent participant at one of Jerry’s riding clinics, I would like to tell folks he is an outstanding teacher/educator and horseman. To begin, Jerry is very engaging and encouraging. His demeanor is clam and deliberate with a bit of humor thrown in for levity. Jerry practices the tenents of good instruction in that he tells you what he’s going to tell you, he tells you, then he tells you what he told you. He also establishes purpose of the technique through example, not simply do as I say. Jerry’s style also will not let you fail to achieve your goal. Although the clinic I attended had basic techniques, Jerry demonstrated how the basics are part of advanced horsemanship all the while emphasizing safety of the horse and rider. One of his tenents, “if it’s not safe in the arena, it’s not safe on the trail,” was a constant throughout the clinic. Jerry is a master at what he does with humility thrown in for good measure. For those who ask, “You think he’s that good?” My response, “I tell ya he’s that good and a lot more.” The three days I invested was well worth my time and $$. I believe if more people practiced some of the techniques Jerry presents there might be a lot fewer accidents and a lot more happy riders and horses. I am looking forward to the next clinic. Happy Trails.


Mark Hawthorne (Happy Rider from California)

Half Moon Bay Clinic Aug 2012

Mark Hawthorne Halfmoon_Bay_Clinic 2012