April 27th-28th: Cattle Workshop**$350 plus cattle charge; must ride Friday to ride Saturday *10 Riders Max
*Friday: Dry Work: Introducing and Putting your Stock to Cattle
Understanding and learning how to read and move cattle with no to low stress.
*Saturday: Cow Work
Learning how to move and sort cattle with your stock.

April 29th, Sunday: Ranch Versatility Trail Class **$200 *10 Riders Max
This will be a schooling course with the emphasis of competition. A course will be designed to use all body control from our stock while running a pattern with precision and control. For anyone interested in Ranch Versatility or Trail Trials, this will be a very beneficial class.

April 30th-May 1st, Monday/Tuesday: Riding Patterns, Open Advanced **$350 *12 Riders Max
This class will help focus on riding pattern with speed and control. Understanding your mission, today is the day, don’t wait any longer.
Topics to be covered:
*Riding through a challenge *Leg yields
*Understanding forward movement with a soft feel while maintaining frame and rate of speed

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