Morning: Evaluation of Ground Work
Ground work is a key part in having an effective ride. If ground work is not effective and under-stood it can lessen your control and safety on the trail. Getting ready to get ready, be prepared, no guess work, know how your ride is going to go. Learn exercises to be able to have more control on the trail and boost your confidence while riding. Confidence is only accomplished with control. Do it now, don’t wait until its necessary.
Afternoon: Trail Ride Outside in a Group Setting
Simulated trail ride in a group setting to cover topics such as herd bound, jigging and being dis-tracted and spooky. To identify the problems and to find a solution while being in control and safe.
**Sign up at (760) 403-3922 or jerrytindell.com by Dec. 5th, 2017 Class Size Limited
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