Mark Hawthorne

I would like to tell folks he is an outstanding teacher/educator and horseman!
As a recent participant at one of Jerry’s riding clinics, I would like to tell folks he is an outstanding teacher/educator and horseman. To begin, Jerry is very engaging and encouraging. His demeanor is clam and deliberate with a bit of humor thrown in for levity. Jerry practices the tenants of good instruction in that he tells you what he’s going to tell you, he tells you, then he tells you what he told you. He also establishes purpose of the technique through example, not simply do as I say. Jerry’s style also will not let you fail to achieve your goal. Although the clinic I attended had basic techniques, Jerry demonstrated how the basics are part of advanced horsemanship all the while emphasizing safety of the horse and rider. One of his tenants, “if it’s not safe in the arena, it’s not safe on the trail,” was a constant throughout the clinic. Jerry is a master at what he does with humility thrown in for good measure. For those who ask, “You think he’s that good?” My response, “I tell ya he’s that good and a lot more.” The three days I invested was well worth my time and $$. I believe if more people practiced some of the techniques Jerry presents there might be a lot fewer accidents and a lot more happy riders and horses. I am looking forward to the next clinic. Happy Trails.

Mark Hawthorne Half Moon Bay Clinic July 30, 2017

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