Marlene and Roy Quiring

I first found out about Jerry when my husband Roy and I [on our honeymoon] witnessed him demonstrating at Bishop Mule Days in California. We were very fascinated by his quick ability to get positive results with problem mules and donkeys brought to him by strangers. Jerry has an outstanding ability to communicate with people and their animals. His demos became the highlight of our visit to Bishop!Personally, I have found Jerry to be the best communicator of all the trainers I have taken clinics under. He often works overtime to help anyone who is struggling or having problems. Safety of both animal and participant is his first concern and he won’t push either beyond what they are capable of. His approach to training and teaching dwells on a lot of common sense, something that we often overlook! His patience is infinite and he has a genuine concern for everyone involved in his clinics, and he has a great sense of humor! Jerry has given Roy and me some great tools in working with our mules. I only wish I had known of Jerry sooner! We look forward to his visit to Alberta!
I love riding in his clinics.

Marlene and Roy Quiring Ponoka, Alberta, Canada October 15, 2017

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