Shirley Sherwood

I was so pleased with the session! I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to participate in a wide variety of learning opportunities with Jerry.  It started with my green ¾ Arab several years ago.  He quickly learned to respond to cues to move over shoulders and hips, back up, move over and stand for mounting.  He was more respectful.  With the experience we both were much more prepared for continued training and improvement. Because I live a couple of hours away, I also watched the class.  This, too, was beneficial.  I learned from watching other horses and Jerry’s patient teaching.  Yes, by the time it was over I wished I’d brought my horse.

Because I had participated in clinics, I attended the Tindell Fall Gathering.  What a treat!  Riding through cattle and obstacles, watching a working border collie, and sharing experiences with other students were all outstanding opportunities. My latest and most needed session was the Colt Starting Clinic.  With a small class of 5 or 6 there was a lot of individual attention.  Sunny, my 2 ½ year old mustang filly, was a perfect age for the class.  She has been responsive to the training.  I thought I knew her pretty well, but she was full of surprises when we attended the 3 day clinic.  The clinics always consider safety first.  With a baby who knows very little except the basics—well, you just don’t know how they will respond when a little pressure is put on them. I was so pleased with the session that I’ve signed up for the next one.  I know that she will improve, and I will be learning even more about her and how to keep her on track for becoming a really nice riding horse.  It doesn’t make any difference what level of training your horse has attained, anyone can benefit from the appropriate clinic at the Tindell Horse and Mule School.

Shirley Sherwood Oroville, CA July 30, 2017

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