Teri Reilly

I can honestly say that without Jerry Tindell’s dedication, determination and education I wouldn’t have the dependable and enjoyable horse that I have today. After adopting a BLM mustang (a very cute appaloosa mare, Mustang Sally) I was looking for solid, competent guidance and found it at my first Jerry Tindell clinic. He covered basic groundwork, to include getting the head down, backing up, moving the shoulders over and hindquarter control. Quickly he taught me the mechanics of groundwork and how it is the foundation for establishing a connection with my horse. What we learn on the ground he said, will carry over to what we will do under saddle. Subsequent Tindell clinics took my horse Sally and I through a progression of riding skills, each one building on the previous lesson. It’s been four years now under the knowledgeable guidance of Jerry Tindell and Sally and I have come a long way. Of course my education under Jerry is on-going because there is always more to learn from this amazing man and his gentle and patient way with horses and humans.

Training under Jerry allows me to experience consistent, safe and reliable rides every single time.

Teri Reilly Clayton, CA July 30, 2017

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