My mission is to facilitate the communication of the horses and mules to their owners and handlers. At the same time, to teach and enable their owners/handlers to develop the skills necessary to interpret their animal’s signals for a safe and functional relationship.


My philosophy is simple; it stems from the horse and mule and is then translated for the human. I want to achieve as much or more with my animals as if we were built the same. I leverage their natural lifestyle to achieve extraordinary yet expected results that gain trust, control and confidence for both of us living in the human’s world.”

I’m not trying to sell folks something, I’m trying to teach folks about themselves and the animals. – Jerry Tindell


Jerry has been around horses and mules his entire life starting with his father’s involvement in driving mules for logging. An accomplished farrier as a young man, Jerry has gone on to become known and respected as one of North America’s top horse and mule trainers. The people who know Jerry would say he has helped them become a much better horseman and a better person and achieve the relationship with their animal they desire.