I love riding in your clinics!

Dear Jerry,

I love riding in your clinics! I know that when I participate in one of your clinics I will be immersed in “horse” and surrounded by people that are just as enthusiastic and eager to learn as I am. Thank you for caring about us and our horses. Thank you for teaching us safe, effective strategies to communicate with our horses. Thank you for encouraging us to strive for excellence instead of settling for mediocrity. I appreciate the way you encourage us to expect more of ourselves: to accept the challenge, reward the “try” and appreciate and celebrate the growth and improvement instead of worrying about what we still can’t do. Jerry, I always learn so much at your clinics, not only about my horses, but also about myself. As soon as one clinic is over I start looking forward to the next. As I drive away my mind is filled with lesson plans for each horse and once again I am inspired to reach for that next level.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us.

Barbara Harkins
Fort Dick, CA

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