Patricia Tuck


Dear Jerry:


I want to thank you for the Gaited Horse and Mule Clinic which I attended last weekend in Wilton. This was my first big clinic with my RMH, Jackson, and we both learned a lot.


Jerry’s extensive and broad experience with and understanding of horses is the foundation for his teaching the horse and the human, who is mostly the one who needs the lessons. Since I am a teacher and teacher of teachers, I appreciated his keen observations (it’s the little things that count), gentle corrections and the generosity of spirit with which he approaches his work.


The clinic moved from basic understanding of how horses move to helping us, as riders and leaders, improve our ability to see and feel the horse’s movement on the ground and under saddle to improve our gaiting skills. Moreover, I returned home from the clinic with clear ideas about how to continue to improve and help my horse gait.


I’ll be back.



Patricia Tuck

Napa, CA

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