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The Boss


Are you The Boss? Then you need The Boss level of membership with us. ONLY OPEN TO 12 people at a time BECAUSE there is sooooo much in this package! You get EVERYTHING in The Crew level PLUS a personal evaluation of your animal which will give you a new level of understanding, accurately identifying your potential and showing you what to work, and how to apply it to get the ride you want and deserve. You also gain access to ALL of Jerry’s Course Content at no additional fee (no matter how many courses we build), priority access and special lower fees to unlimited clinics and events nationwide, and an exclusive invitation to our yearly educational summit at the ranch. Join us for complementary clinic auditing anytime, complimentary workshop attendance at the ranch and access to our Remote Training services. Could you want for more – we think not.  If you are the Boss, then this is your level.

1 review for The Boss

  1. Becky Harrison

    I’ve worked in person with Jerry and Jana and like you I’m new to what Jerry is now offering for remote learning. I’ve looked the offer over for “The Boss” package and wish he offered this sooner. There is a lot of information here to absorb. Not only will you have access to Jerry, but the ability to be part of what becoming a better rider is about. Discounts in clinics and other venues are a great deal. Even if you’re in another part of the USA Jerry will be there to help you out. If you can’t bring your mule or horse to Jerry, a visit in person is also loaded with valuable insight into your riding and being around Jerry and Jana is an experience you’ll never forget.

    • Tindell’s Horse and Mule School

      Miss Becky we sure appreciate your desire to learn and your commitment to Tucker. Thank you for the kinds and we hope to see you soon!!

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