Lynn Vaughn

Lynn Vaughn
North Fork, CA
July 30, 2017

My “Bucket List” mule and I were getting along splendidly until I sustained a major injury (unrelated to her) when she was four. The next 18 months she was turned out with our other three mules living the good life.  Shortly after beginning to work with her again she became very difficult and proceeded with one vice after another. Our relationship was on the brink of disaster and we needed professional help. Someone I could trust to treat Katie fairly, use Natural Horsemanship methods, and be patient and kind, yet firm. We had attended a Colt Starting Clinic with Jerry Tindell when Katie was three and I knew he was our answer.  Jerry put us both back on track.  He helped me improve my horsemanship skills and Katie came home a willing, responsive little mule with a renewed work ethic. Jerry has the natural ability to read, communicate and redirect equine behavior.  Most importantly Jerry cares-about our equines and about us.  He stresses safety and the importance of good horsemanship.  His unending patience and willingness to help us achieve our goals is amazing. Thank you Jerry!

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