Ready to give up? Contact Jerry today, we have success with virtually every situation. We offer special training at the Tindell Ranch or your facility, call today.Jerry Tindell Horse Trainer

Can’t say enough about this guy ! He had my horse for a month and I brought home a different horse !! He also showed me some of what I was doing incorrectly; I am very grateful.
Judy Morawcznski

I’m happier than ever with my horse! Thank you Jerry”
Linda Cox 2012

“Everything Jerry is about is the horse”
Melinda MacDonald

“I watched what you were doing in great amazement….”
Carrie Gordon Acton, CA

“I love riding in your clinics!”
Barbara Harkins 

“I only wish I had known of Jerry sooner!”
Marlene and Roy Quiring Ponoka, Alberta, Canada 
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Jerry Tindell is considered one of The Best Horse and Mule Trainers in the Western United States and Canada!

Do you have a horse or mule you feel you can’t safely control or need help solving behavioral problems? Jerry’s tried and trusted Natural Horse Training techniques will help you gain the control and a deeper understanding of your animal’s behavior for an enjoyable and safe ride every time. We understand folks have a lot of time, money, and emotional attachment invested in their horse or mule and Jerry’s methods can help you have safe control and develop a great relationship with your animal.

Jerry’s proven horse training technique’s include:

  • Gaining your horse’s respect on the ground
  • Achieving softness under saddle
  • Round Penning
  • Problem free trailer loading
  • Skittish and shying
  • Pulling away
  • Advanced groundwork
  • Reining maneuvers/advanced riding techniques

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Whether you attend one of Jerry’s clinics or demonstrations, view one of our training DVD’s, or send your horse or mule to be personally trained by Jerry you will be happy you did.

If you have a sincere interest in a comprehensive, natural, and effective horse training approach, you’ll succeed with Jerry Tindell’s Natural Horse Training – a natural approach to horse training based on developing a strong safe relationship with your horse or mule through understanding his/her nature, how to communicate clearly to your horse/mule, and how they interpret your commands.
Jerry’s techniques are perfected without the use of force or punishment. As your horse or mule’s demeanor softens they become very willing to do what you ask. You both grow in the process together to find a true partnership between you and your horse or mule.

Jerry Tindell's Video's Filmed and Produced by Video Mike