Our Training Programs

An in-depth training process begins with analysis and evaluation. We will conduct a discovery call to determine your needs and abilities currently. This can be done on the phone or through video.
Then, once your animal is in training, we will complete our formal assessment and let you know what we see and what we know it will take to accomplish your goals. Our techniques focus on the animal’s needs and teach you how to recognize them. We avoid the use of force or punishment by using natural herd behavior to influence sustainable behavior shifts and changes.
With a gentle hand and effective training procedures, your horse or mule’s demeanor will soften and become very willing to your needs. Each of us would ride more if it were easier, more dependable, and pleasant. Our
60-90-180 Effective Training Program offers you the tune-up you need, attention to specific safety issues that have come up and are causing you concern and basic foundational training necessary to gain full enjoyment of our relationship with our stock.

We do it all for you. Animals that go through our Effective Training Program are built from the ground up on all the necessary skills. We teach them how to lead, how to be good with their feet, trailer loading, saddle training, focusing on their foundation, and more. Whether you’re busy or need some extra help, Tindell’s Effective Training Program shines the most here.

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Training at $900 – $1,200 per month
(depending on assessment results and chosen program outlined below)
plus Board and Care at $450.00 per month.
Total Cost: $1,250 – $1,650 per month

People often ask when we like to start training our stock. Our answer is when they are dried off. We encourage all our clients with young stock to bring them in as soon as they can. If you build a foundation when they are young they will never forget it.

We take in stock as young as 6 months and as old as 4 years old to start their Foundational Training Program. Your foundation needs to begin when you are ready, and we want to be here for you when that happens. This gives the client and their animal the start that they will need to have a long and successful partnership. We believe the sooner you enroll, the better relationship you build from the beginning.

This 30-day program focuses on giving your animal a solid foundation by gentling them and introducing them to catching, leading, ground skills, tying, picking up their feet, trailer loading, and more. When you take the time to do it right, you don’t have to find time to do it over.

This program is designed for 2-4 year-olds to start their formal education in the round pen, all ground skills, and starting them under saddle, including riding. This program begins at a minimum of 90 days and may stretch for as long as 180 days. We will discuss your needs and goals when we begin. This can be a part of the foundational training but typically focuses on getting them ready to handle a saddle and the first rides which play a crucial role in the development of the stock and their mind. Depending on the animal, If they are mature enough, we can ride them and begin setting their riding foundation.
This program is for animals that have already gone through one of our other Effective Training Programs and would like to progress in their training/education. It is ideal for owners and their stock to be able to move to the next step. The animals go through a refresher course of the previous training before moving on to the next step. This helps to see what the animal has retained from their training or where the owner might need more help to support their animal. This program is limited to students that have already worked through one of our 60-90-180 Effective Training Programs. Training duration will be specific to each animal and the owner’s goals.
This program is intended for horses or mules or donkeys that have had some initial training. The training will start with an assessment of the basics to ensure a solid foundation and progress forward. This is a great program if you are unsure of where your animal has been or where they need to go in their training. In the first two weeks, there will be an evaluation period that will help identify where your stock is and help determine the amount of training needed to fit you and your stocks needs. This is a great program for new Tindell Effective Training Program students.
This program is aimed at analyzing and evaluating specific problems that need correction, effectively and progressively. If you are looking for help identifying and resolving specific issues your stock is having this is a great program. It is designed for stock that requires some extra help in specific areas. This program length will range between 30 and120 days depending on the areas of improvement. The time frame of the program will depend on your animal’s foundation, the intensity of the problem, and goals defined when we begin.
The purpose of this program is to introduce your horse or mule to being gentle and unafraid while under a harness. Training begins with all your groundwork preparation to progress towards hitching to an implement or vehicle safely. All areas of training will be evaluated to make sure hitching is safe for you and your stock. We will evaluate your animal in all the foundation training steps as well as possible restarting programs.


All Effective Training Programs are subject to change to fit the stock and their owner’s needs. It may take more or less time depending on the animal, their temperament, and willingness to make the necessary changes. It is also up to the owner/rider to make the changes they need to be able to help support their animals when they take them home. We know from experience, we are training our animals every time we touch them. That experience can be good or bad or indifferent.

All owners are welcomed and encouraged to come as much as possible to the Tindell Ranch to learn along with their stock how to progress and be effective in their training. This is at no additional charge to the owner. You are getting training for your stock and yourself!!


For more information about how we can build a personalized plan for you and your animal, give us a call directly at (760) 403-3922 or fill out our online form.