Your Opportunities

Private Lesson at the Ranch

One on one private lesson with Jerry and Jana, an all-day lesson with no other ranch activities, training stock or students involved. Includes evaluation, direction, and establishing a plan for after the lesson. Pre-interview helps us get to know you, your stock, and your concerns. When you arrive we are ready to elevate your riding and equine knowledge. You will leave with a lesson plan tailored to your needs.

$350 – $550 per day
(pricing based on time commitment needed)

Limit 2 heads per student (you may choose to bring up to two animals to work).

Private Group Lesson at the Ranch

Private group riding with Jerry and Jana. Includes evaluation, direction, and establishing a specialized plan for you and your animal. Time is balanced between all riders present. This allows you to gain the advancement of your riding in a group setting. Bring a group of friends you ride with or join us on a day you can meet other new friends. Includes no other ranch activities or training stock, with exception of riding stock for that day.
$200 – $350 per day per person
(pricing based on time commitment needed)

Minimum 4 students, maximum 6 students, 1 head per student.

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Semi-Private Lesson

Includes other ranch activities, training stock, and additional students involved. Includes direction, riding with Tindell staff, taking part in everyday ranch activities with your animal, and potentially others, basics of horsemanship will be taught throughout the day. At the end of the lesson, a personalized lesson plan will be determined to help you and your stock progress in your education.
$200 per day per person
Limit 1 head per student,
max 4 students.


We offer a wide range of clinics to help fit you and your stock’s needs. Clinics are kept at lower numbers to help ensure we can spend individual time to assess your goals and begin to identify the direction to take you and your horse during the clinic. Each clinic begins with a discovery meeting with all riders. Riding begins with individual observation and assessments, followed by actuation activities. Honesty and openness are necessary to establish the proper environment for all riders to be safe and benefit from their clinic experience.
Group riding compliments your individualized training during the clinic and includes addressing any issues from this exposure. Jerry uses his progressive training program outlines to guide clinic riders to achieve the goals they make when they commit to the event.

Riders $600 per person
Auditors $30 per day per person

Clinics based on 3-day participation, a minimum of 10 students and maximum of 12 students. Clinic coordinator/host required.

Clinics/Rides may require more or less than three days to accomplish all goals of the group. Please contact our office for more information.

If you are interested in hosting a clinic please contact us at (760) 500-8129 or


*All Opportunity prices are based on per student per day except for clinics.

* Prices are based on lessons held at Tindell Ranch; off-site lessons may include travel expenses.

*Clinics/Events over 100 miles of Tindell Ranch are a minimum of three days and subject to travel expenses depending on location