Our mission is simple: to train horses and mules to communicate their needs properly, and to help owners understand the needs of their animals and provide the best care possible.

About Tindell’s Horse &
Mule School, Humans Too!

Our goal is to help you confidently build your education to be able to control your ride with your horse, mule, or donkey. We want you to be able to ride anywhere and have the experiences you desired when you purchased your animal! We believe in the sanctity of both human and animal life, and that working with animals allows us to better understand ourselves.

Learn more about our philosophy throughout our website, join us on social media, and sign up for one of our events and allow us to show you what we offer owners and handlers.

Clinic and Workshop Schedule

We offer a wide range of clinic and workshop topics that allows you to start from the ground and work your way up through the Tindell Progressive Training Program that is effective and tailored for you and your stocks’ needs. From beginner’s classes to advanced riding techniques, there’s a class for every skill level. Give us a call and let’s talk about what would fit you best.
home horse clinic

We plan our clinic calendar months ahead allowing our clients to be able to be prepared for a fun and educational time with their animals and friends. We like to keep our classes at a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 12 riders for a more in-depth and personalized experience.

Our Workshops are similar to our clinic format, with smaller class sizes and located at our ranch in Southern California. Workshops can be 1 or 2-day classes. Perfect for a weekend getaway.

Check out our complete schedule for openings and locations near you.

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Opportunities at the Ranch

Through old traditions come and learn through specialized training that leads to new opportunities. Work with us at our ranch in Southern California for an immersion-type experience.

You can come and focus primarily on you and your ride or you can choose to take part in ranch activities along with riding and spending the day. Come alone, bring a friend, or join others here for specialized training experience. This is the experience of a lifetime, working side by side with us.

Check out all of the ranch’s opportunities and give us a call (877) 820-2033 to customize your experience today.

stock training

60-90-180 Effective Training Program

Let us solve it for you. Put your animal in one of our 60-90-180 Effective Training Programs and we will assess your needs and plans, identify the best path to achieve your desired results, and fix anything that could be holding you back. We begin work with your animal right away and they will take part in a program that has them “active” all day long. No animals in training stay in their stall on our ranch, unless they are on a day off. And we have a pretty hearty work ethic here!

man and two horses
Your horse or mule requires specific training for it to gain new skills and work best under human supervision. This training involves teaching the animal to do many things like communicate its needs, support its handler, tolerate and deal with many riding situations with ease, become a steady, dependable mount, stay calm under a harness, and maybe even move certain vehicles or equipment.

Animals of all ages can learn new skills, and you need to continue to learn to keep up with them and support their success. For, we have opportunities through clinics and workshops with us. Once your animal has been in training, you might consider attending training yourself to keep you both on the same page.

Check out the clinics and workshops we offer to equine of all ages and disciplines.

Remote Training

Sometimes, animals can exhibit problematic behaviors that aren’t easy to address. Additionally, many ranch owners are unable to travel right away or bring their animals to the ranch. You might live in a remote place. But, a problem is a problem until you fix it. And we understand that.
remote horse and mule training

Because of these common circumstances, we offer owners remote training sessions to help correct these behaviors and build skills for both the owner and the animals. All you need to do is sign up and send us your video.

Jerry will review the video, may ask some questions, and will send you instructions via video and or email to begin resolving your identified issue. You may even consider our continued remote option where Jerry works with you remotely for several sessions over some time.

Jerry may refer you to several of our videos in our membership library during this training. You will be given access to these videos only and may consider joining our membership site, for additional access. Learn more about our remote training options, or sign up for a session today.