Developing Softness for your Equine Communication

Learning Softness

In this video, I talk about a very common and sometimes misunderstood problem. Accepting or giving to the bit. THE SOFT FEEL. This is an older saddle mule being ridden in a leverage bit, can also be the same in a snaffle or Hackamore. This Mule is very gentle and kind, however, does not know how to accept and give to the bit. This is a subject that the rider must study and become aware of in order to make a correction.

The rider must develop a set of skills to eliminate this or fix if it already exists. It is very important to fix because if the animal needs help or gets in a situation, gets stressed or an emergency happens, total control will not be available. It is also very important to note that this animal, be it a horse our mule, is not comfortable, soft, and cannot give, instead they lean or push against pressure. Watch, listen, study rider position, the use of seat and active leg and learn how to fix this common problem.

What you ride will appreciate it. I guarantee it. This lesson is for a rider to develop this skill to help soften and everything every ride. #muletraining #horsetraining

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