Moving the Equine Hindquarters, Shoulder Control, and Trailer Loading Drill

Trailer Loading exercise for horses and mules

We all know there are no quick fixes and remedies while developing a solid relationship with our horses and mules. The learning and bonding process between man and equine is the result of quality time and focused ‘drills’ and responses while listening to each other and applying soft cues.

Many of us find difficulty in training for trailer loading, moving through gates, stall doors, and other tight spots

In this drill, I would like to talk about how affective it is when we are able to take our animals from a straight line, bend the neck, roll in quarters, step the front across and change directions. This is a very effective drill easy to do anywhere at any time, it is magical how this drill when done affective will soften the mind and supple the body. Set it up and wait.

The WAIT is something we humans tend to forget at times.

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