Moving the Equine Hindquarters, Shoulder Control, and Trailer Loading Drill

Trailer Loading exercise for horses and mules

We all know there are no quick fixes and remedies while developing a solid relationship with our horses and mules. The learning and bonding process between man and equine is the result of quality time and focused ‘drills’ and responses while listening to each other and applying soft cues. Many of us find difficulty in […]

Dropping the Head to Halter, Bridle, and Deworm

Dropping the Horse's Head

  In this video, I talk about a common problem with a horse or a mule that is hard to deworm, bridle or halter. Once we learn how to get the head down and soft to a feel, deworming, haltering, and bridling becomes easy. It is not the dewormer, the bridle, or the haltering that […]

Developing Softness for your Equine Communication

Learning Softness

In this video, I talk about a very common and sometimes misunderstood problem. Accepting or giving to the bit. THE SOFT FEEL. This is an older saddle mule being ridden in a leverage bit, can also be the same in a snaffle or Hackamore. This Mule is very gentle and kind, however, does not know […]