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woman rider on brown horse

Body Control

Howdy friends and neighbors!   For you folks who have been following my teachings, I thank you very much.  If you are new to this program, welcome and enjoy!   Everything

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horse training in arena

The Importance Of Ground Work

It is important for the human to take responsibility for their stock’s manners.  Horses, mules, and donkeys alike, we owe it to them so they can get along in our

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horse and rider on trail

5 Key Maneuvers On The Trail

When I think about the times before automobiles, or the Transcontinental Railroad, and the great migration West, I can’t help to think about the stock that made it all possible. 

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Horse training in arena

The First Sessions

People often ask me when I like to start my babies.  My response is, “I like them to be dried off!”  What I mean by that is, I like to

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horse with gentle hand

Common Negative Behaviors

From our outfit to yours, we’re wishing you well and hope you all are getting lots of riding in!  We know that during these strange and difficult times, it is

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Young rider on horse in class

Become A Great Student

We all take classes, watch demonstrations, or attend clinics because we love our mules, horses and donkeys and we want to improve our skills, confidence, and courage with them.  We

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Mule in field

The Hard To Catch Mule

It can be a frustrating situation to go to catch your mule only to have the animal runoff in the other direction with his head held high and his tail

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